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Think Yes

How do you think yes, when you’re hearing, even seeing no? When’s the last time you had that feeling you get when everything is going your way? You know what it looks like. The family is happy, the business is going great, the kids are behaving… then it happens. Seemingly out of nowhere, all of those things that were running perfectly seemed to start falling apart, and for no apparent reason. Or… maybe there was one that you didn’t want to face.

When this happens you sometimes get stuck in your tracks. It’s almost like you’ve stepped into a bucket of cement that started to harden in just 60 seconds. Now, not only are you stuck, but you start to wonder about everything. “What am I doing, why am I doing it, what made me think I could ever do it.? Now, you’re frustrated and the fear of moving forward is knocking at your door… once again. Don’t answer that door!

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I can only describe this because I’ve been there a time or two myself. The crazy thing is that the reaction to these situations can manifest in some really strange ways. All of a sudden, we’re too tired to do anything. We need breaks every 30 minutes; and let’s not even go there with how tense and uptight we suddenly become. Yep! We’ve finally hit rock bottom.

You can still think yes looking up from the bottom of the barrel!

The first thing that you should remember when these times show up, and they will… is that everything happens for a reason. No, it doesn’t feel good and most of the time it makes no sense. However, I can’t begin to tell you how much I learned just at those moments when nothing was going as planned. The reality is that had some of those situations not taken place, I would have never learned or figured out some of the things I needed to.

For my entrepreneurial friends, you do realize that most successful business owners, large and small, have experienced some form of things not working out before they found success, right? It’s a fact that trial and error has to happen in most instances. Never think that you’re a failure just because something didn’t work out exactly as you thought it would the first time you tried it. Heck, it may not work the second or third time either. Look at the situation and just think yes, regardless of how it appears.

And more importantly, be careful of the words you begin to speak. Remember what scripture says about the power of the words that come from your mouth. Just because it looks bad doesn’t mean that you should verbally express how bad it is. Don’t focus on what went wrong. Just take the steps to figure out how to make it all better so that whatever went wrong can be fixed for the next time. Negative words never help and only bring poison to the situation.

When I say think yes when no is apparent, I don’t mean to toss away the current reality.

You need to face reality to know what not to do in the future. I don’t believe that thinking and speaking on the positive side means that you have to fake anything. It doesn’t mean to stick your head in the sand and pretend that nothing wrong has happened. Simply take a good look at all of the facts and details. Get out your pen and paper and go to work figuring out what needs to change. Figure out what you need to do. Figure out what you need to never do again. Find out where you can make things better.

When things are going really well, enjoy the moment, but don’t make the mistake of getting too comfortable. Our successes are great, but sometimes, especially when things are going really well, we can get a little careless or start to slack in some area. Nothing major will usually jump out at us. But sometimes a little miss here and there, or just a bit of procrastination can cause us to miss the mark we really want to hit.

Have you ever considered a do-over even when things have gone extremely well? Have you thought that as good as your last project was, it could really be a little better still? Yep, there is always room for improvement. 

There’s always a next step that will make it all better.

The world is always changing and just because we’ve mastered something, doesn’t mean that we should stop trying to make it better. There’s always more to learn and there’s always room for improvement. When you see no and choose to think yes, that’s when you’ll start to get some rejuvenation going in your mind and the actions that follow. That’s when you see beyond the no so you can think yes, the yes you may have missed before. 

So, if you’ve found yourself about to slip into a negative space, don’t do it. Find a place where you can bring your mind and spirit back to the place it needs to be. It’s okay to take a good look at what’s going on, good or bad, right or wrong. You need to know what’s happening in your business. If you see something missing, take the steps to add it to the process. Don’t pretend that everything is yes if it’s actually no. Just fix it so that the yes becomes real.

To think yes when it looks like no will not only give you a mental boost, but will help to catapult you to your next level. If you’re too comfortable, you’ve got work to do. Comfort is good, but growth happens when your comfort level ends. Start now practicing to think yes to your no situations and watch what happens next. 

Feel free to share some of your yes situations that started out as a no. We’d love to celebrate your victories!!

Rosalind Green

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