Birthing the Fire in Your Belly Book Launch

Birthing the Fire Book Launch

Are you ready to start birthing the fire in your belly? Get Clear In Your Purpose, Be Confident In Your Calling and Start Living a Life That Makes You Happy and Fulfilled! ★☆★ Do you still have that feeling deep down in your belly that something is still missing when it comes to fulfilling your […]

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There Are Many Open Doors. Choose One and Walk Through!

Open Doors

Your Open Doors are Waiting For You to Walk Through! I had just finished with my morning quiet time. This where I pray, meditate and get myself set for the day. After feeding my dogs, I walked to the kitchen to make a fresh cup of tea and returned to my office. (It’s just a […]

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So You Want to Become a Writer… Where Should You Start?

Become a Writer

So you really want to become a writer? You’ve thought about it not just for weeks or months, but it’s been stewing in your gut for years. Good for you. The world needs to hear about what you’ve got to say. But where do you begin when you want to become a writer?  That’s a […]

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