Being Different

Being different takes courage and you need it if you want to succeed. You have to learn how to be true to yourself in every aspect of the word. When you know that there’s something you’re supposed to do in this world, don’t let anyone talk you out of it or make you feel that your job is insignificant.

The thing to know is that life will try to steer you in one direction or another. The more of life you experience, the more you’ll be drawn in multiple directions. What’s most important is that being different is not something you do just for the sake of it. You want to be clear that you are listening to the right voice in your ear. And when you find yourself being different, go with the flow and don’t try to change a thing.

Another thing you’ll discover is that everyone is not going to be in your rah-rah corner. Some people will believe in you and others will almost despise the fact that you’re being different than what they expect. The most important thing to understand is that being true to who you are is where you must live. It doesn’t matter what walk of life it involves.

Whether within your family, business, ministry, or something else, if being true to yourself means being different, go for it.

Thinking that you have to turn a deaf ear to someone that you really love and care about may not be the most pleasant thought. But, you must be willing to ignore things that don’t matter as you pursue your goal. You have a voice and you have to know what it’s speaking even when you’re in the midst of other conversations that may try to drown you out.

Having courage comes into major play here. You have to believe in whatever it is that you’re doing in spite of what others think. Another thing you should do is write your vision down and learn how to simply repeat it so others can have a clear picture of what you do and represent.

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When you aren’t afraid to stay true to that “special” thing that you do, something powerful happens within. You gain an “inner strength” that gives you confidence to move forward. It won’t matter who else doesn’t agree with or understand you and it’s what makes you operate in strength and power.

I once heard someone say “You are Designed for Purpose and Driven by Passion, and I couldn’t agree more.

Purpose and passion have a way of working synergistically together. When you work with both, you’ll start to see your dreams, goals, and aspirations manifest in a major way and you’ll enjoy the process.

My point is pretty simple in this post. When you “get it” even if people don’t “get you” you still have a winning situation brewing. Design a plan and commit to it. Yes, it may mean being different from what everybody expects, but remember that that’s not only okay, it’s preferred. 

Keep in mind that you’ll get everyone’s opinions. Some people’s opinions will line up with your differences and other won’t. You have to be okay with that in either case. What matters is that you birth a fire from your belly that’s ready to burn brightly. If you’ve tried doing something before and it didn’t turn out like you expected, take what happened in the past as a lesson learned. Don’t use it as an excuse not to try again.

And the most important thought of all, “don’t fear being different in what you do. Rather, fear being the same as everyone else.”

Rosalind Green

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