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"If I had one simple message to share, it would be to never lose sight of who God has called and created you to be. We spend so many years of our lives trying to be and do all that others expect when our own dreams, desires, calling, and purpose get pushed to the back burner. Yes, it's still burning, but it's way in the back."

"It's time to show up spiritually, emotionally, and financially as our true authentic selves, holding nothing back. Because there's nothing too hard for God, I believe that there's nothing too hard for you. All it takes is a little faith, a lot of work, a made up mind, and a willingness to step outside of your norm. There are no more excuses. The time is now to step into your new season."

You have a message. You have a solution. You also need income. You can accomplish all that you're called to do without compromise. My greatest joy is helping you unleash your purpose and start moving hard and strong toward your destiny.

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I never understood why I had so much discontentment in my life. I made sure that I followed all the rules, tried to be nice to everyone, and didn't do things I would be ashamed of. Well, I didn't get the last part right, but I came to understand what it is to have new beginnings.

I also understand that when you have a calling and a purpose, it doesn't disappear just because you haven't acknowledged it. My greatest pleasure is to help people get clarity surrounding their business, mission, ministry and life.

God is no respecter of persons. You just have to be willing to step outside of the norm and be okay with doing what others may consider a little strange. Don't be scared. Just do it!

Birthing the Fire in Your Belly


Author Box

My first book, "BIRTHING THE FIRE IN YOUR BELLY"gives an inside peek into the challenges that I faced in my own journey of finding my voice and purpose. I share some of the challenges that almost stopped me in my tracks, and how I had to get out of my own way. I also share the most important steps that every person with vision and purpose should take to ensure that you show up big in the world. Whether it's for business or a mission, reading this book will give you some basic insight into getting unstuck and moving forward. 


Speaker Box

Speaking to crowds of all sizes, Ros brings change and transformation to the lives of those who attend her events. She also speaks at business conferences, churches, women's conferences and more. If you want to hear a message that not only inspires your audience but actually leaves them with action steps to move forward, you've found the right person. Your event goers will be tremendously blessed by the wisdom and insight that Ros has as she shares stories and imparts knowledge that will bring change and leave a forever impact.


Coaching Box

People often ask what a Coach does. Coaching helps you to converge into your next move. This is when your gifts, talents, skills, and knowledge come together empowering you to show up how God intended. It's where your purpose becomes alive in you, allowing you to do what you were born to do.  Your entire life has been preparing you to make a major contribution to the world. A good coach  will help you get clear on the what, when, and how of bringing all of your life pieces together.

Dr. Beverly CrockettAuthor and CEO of Leave a Legacy Publishing

Rosalind Green knows how to passionately help you discover exactly what it is you are "called" to do here on this earth. She innately and intricately knows how to help you locate and pull out that very thing that has been assigned to you; to do AND be! I have taken her awesome courses on more than one occasion and have now been launched into a business that was stagnant, yet burning in my own belly. When you work with Ros you will be challenged, motivated, inspired and encouraged, no matter what has or hasn't worked for you in the past. When you have the opportunity to hear her speak, you will be catapulted into places you've never been or thought possible.

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Let Me Help You Get Seen and Heard!

I believe that Kingdom ministers and entrepreneurs are called to make an impact on the lives of others. The reality is... if no one is hearing your message, how can you help them? If no one knows where to find the offer that you have, how will either of you benefit? You're called not only to influence, but to also have an impact. Let's get the word out about you.


Rosalind Green's Brand

Don't mistake your brand as just the look and feel, or title and tagline of what you do. It's all inclusive of who you are, your core message, the results you create and the style in which you deliver. 


My Blog

Having an online presence is not optional when your work and purpose adds value to someone else. It's your job to position yourself so that you can be found by those who need you most.


Birthing the Fire Full Cover

Millions of people have a book deep inside that they don't know how to release into the world. If you're one of the many, you don't have to wait any longer. It's time to finally get you published!



It's great when people get to know you through reading your words. However, when they can add the sound of your voice, there is another layer that makes it easier for them to know, like and trust.

I am very inexperienced and had a lot of questions. Ros always had the patience to answer my questions without me feeling like I was dumb. I've learned so much and am so glad that my friend told me about her training. #grateful

J. Lee

I was in the process of starting a business teaching yoga for local businesses in my area. I needed a website to promote my offer, pricing, and how it all works together. Thanks to Ros, my site is up and running and so is business!

N. Horgan 

After training with other coaches, I almost threw in the towel because there was always that missing piece. Ros gave me exactly what I needed to get it right. Now I have no confusion about my next step and business is growing daily!

S. Michaels 

I've always known that I wanted to be my own boss. Being so young, I just wasn't sure how. Fortunately, I was able to get 'hands-on' help so my friend and I could start our internet-based beauty business. It's been fun and exciting!!

A. Wilson